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car tracker company in Pakistan

our mission

The TrackerExperts has been providing tracking services to public offices and private businesses. Ensure the safety of your car by integrating a tracking system developed by our team of experts. 

Tracker Experts corporation lets you live a carefree life with a tracking team that monitors your fleet’s movement 24/7. Different packages are offered with value-adding services, which means the tracking services will never exceed your yearly budget.

To provide the public with much-needed social security and win the customer’s trust by rendering quality services to ensure that neither our efforts nor the client’s money gets wasted.


Why choose us?

Prompt tracking server

The tracking server that our support team runs is prompt in reporting location. The app’s interface is simple, and even the newest user can monitor his car without much trouble. You need to open the application and look at the map to see where your vehicle is going.

Real-time tracking

Our tracking system is a standard bearer in the car tracking industry. The support team monitors the movement of your vehicle while a real-time alert mechanism tells you when the activity is unusual. The system generated an accurate trial with pinpoint location information.

All over Pakistan

Our services are available all across Pakistan. Whether you want to integrate our tracking system in your car or track your delivery vehicle at even the farthest place in the country, our server will provide you with the exact location.

We have offices in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Lahore, Karachi, Bahawalpur, Sialkot, Sargodha, Peshawar, Multan, Quetta and other cities.

We Provide Top notchTracking Features

Real-time tracking

The real-time tracking feature allows you to see where your car is going. It provides you with a live location 24/7. All you need to do is to open the app and log in to your account. 

Engine kill

You can turn off the engine using your Tracker Experts account. This works as an effective preventive control when unauthorized usage is suspected. 

Safety alarm

The Tracker Experts app efficiently generates safety alarms when any unusual activity is detected. Our safety alarm system is free from false alarms and notifications. 

Direct SMS alerts

Our system enables you to receive all the necessary updates regarding your vehicle via SMS. The notification alerts are simple to read and understand. 

Robot alert call 

The alert calls made by the Tracker Experts system are completely robotic and automated. There is no human intervention in notifying the user because machines are less prone to negligence. 

Anti-theft sensor

Our sensors can detect even the slightest touches to the protection gear and other things you do not want anyone to touch. There is a notification triggered for such a touch as well.

Reports and history

Everything happening to your car is recorded on a log. That log then generates a report or history to let you know the driving trends and intended breaches in the last three months. 

Geo fence area

Our system also allows you to set a boundary for each one of your cars. The server will notify you immediately when the car crosses a predefined boundary through the automated alert system.

Backup battery

A backup battery ensures that the sensors and other complementary gears receive an uninterrupted power supply.

Overspeed alert

You can monitor the speed at which your car is traveling. The system is connected to the speedometer and has a sensor that can detect and notify the speeding details of the server. 

Rough driving check

There are rough driving checks integrated inside the Tracker Experts system. These instances are reported by our system to the owner when the car constantly experiences jerks and jolts while traveling. 

Towing detection

You can receive towing updates when someone tries to move your car. This justifies our claim that our tracking system works irrespective of whether the engine is on or off. 

Engine start alert

Our sensors are directly connected to your engine and generate a trial of when your car’s engine was turned on. You can initiate alerts for instances when your engine starts. 

Fast update interval

The interval between two consecutive location reports is shorter than other devices on the market. This makes sure that you receive a real-time update on your device. 

Approximate fuel used

Depending on the mileage that your car manufacturer promises and the capacity of your engine, our system notifies the estimated fuel consumption for each trip.

Web access

You can access all the features by logging in to your account through the web page. This makes our system free from device compatibility problems. 

Mobile app

There is a mobile app available with an interactive user interface. You can sign into your account and access all the features. Our app is available for both Android and iOS. 


The accounts created on our website can be multi-user (depending on your selected package). You can assign different roles to each user. The system will send different alerts to each user.

No Hidden Charges! Choose your Plan.

High Performance Tracking

RS 11,999bASIC
24/7 Control Monitoring
Single User Account
6 Month History Backup
Single Geofence Out Alert
Mobile APP (iOS & Android)
Real Time Tracking & Reports

High Performance Tracking

+Basic Plan*
3 User Accounts
1 Year History Backup
Multiple Geofences Out Alert
Over speeding alerts

High Performance Tracking

+Premium Plan*
Unlimited Users Accounts
Lifetime History Backup
Harsh Braking
Harsh Accelerator
Voice Listening
Towing Detection
High Surveillance
Car Tracker Company in Pakistan