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Benefits of Car Trackers in Pakistan

benefits of car trackers in pakistan

Today, Pakistan is experiencing growing trends toward vehicle theft, which is a major concern for all car owners in the country. The increased occurrence of such offences not only results in losses but also the provision of a feeling of insecurity among the people. Thus, the need for new ideas and innovations has increased with the emerging threats in the business world.

GPS tracking technology is one of those innovative tools, that wield considerable advantages for usage in the vehicle security field. With the new models of GPS systems installed in the vehicle, car owners have the opportunity to manage, monitor, and secure their vehicles in the best way possible.

In this article, we are going to discuss various benefits of GPS tracking systems, such as theft deterrence, increased chances of getting back the stolen car, and overall increased levels of security. We will shed light on how the said technologies are altering the face of vehicle security in Pakistan while providing security to vehicle owners.

What is GPS Tracking?

GPS Tracking refers to the process of tracking an object by using GPS technology to monitor its movement over a certain period through either a GPS Tracking device or an application.

Just think how great it would be to be able to know at any given time, for example now, where your car is – is it standing in the yard in front of your house, or it is driving down the busy streets of Karachi? This is not a mere concept picked from spy movies, but yes, it is a real-world application brought in by GPS tracking technology. GPS commonly known as Global Positioning System is a network of about 30 satellites circling the globe to enable instant tracking of any physical object that has a GPS unit in it.

The installation of these devices is relatively simple according to consumer requirements, GPS trackers are small devices that can be connected to the OBD port of the car which is usually found underneath the dashboard or around the wheels. This makes it possible for the tracker to both harness power from the vehicle as well as gather information about other aspects of the vehicle.

Benefits of GPS Tracking for Vehicle Security

Reducing Thefts and Quick Recovery of Stolen Vehicles

Do you ever contemplate which car a thief is likely to steal between two different models? In many cases, the presence of a GPS tracking system and its efficiency can be a decisive factor, regardless of whether it is installed in a particular model. It’s a little like having the option of living in a house with a visible working security system and a house that lacks this feature.

Integrating a GPS tracker into your vehicle sends a clear message to potential thieves that this car is monitored. Car thieves are well aware of the risks that come with having a car installed with the GPS because it will be easier to track it in real-time. This technology alone can make car thieves reconsider their choice of target, and your car will now be far from their list of preferred targets.

Analyzing various metropolitan areas in Pakistan for the rates of theft, it has been found that the areas with higher usage of GPS tracking technology have recorded somewhat lesser rates of theft of vehicles. For instance, a report of the impact of GPS tracking devices in Lahore showed a reduction of 40% in car thefts recently, and this was on private and commercial cars. That is not just a mere statistic in the sense that it implies a tremendous number of car owners have benefited by securing their prized possessions against theft.

Furthermore, with the help of GPS trackers insurance companies of Pakistan are gradually beginning to understand the importance. They provide almost all owners with premium discounts for having these gizmos installed in their car; insurance providers recognize that cars fitted with such devices are far less likely to be stolen, and of those that are, owners have a far greater chance of experiencing a quick recovery.

Lower Insurance Premiums

It is undeniable that in this literal car-owning world, the expenses do not begin and end at the price of the car. It involves the maintenance of various types of vehicles, fueling, and insurance among other factors. But, imagine if you could inform your insurance service provider that the car in question has a GPS tracker and enjoy a decrease in yearly premiums. Yes, it’s quite possible!

As much as most vehicle owners appreciate GPS trackers for the safety they give their vehicles, insurers have also fixed their eyes on these devices. Insurance providers evaluate risk, which is the probability that the provider will have to dispatch payments on the claim. A vehicle equipped with a GPS tracker significantly reduces this risk in two key ways: by making it difficult for a theft to be committed and by raising the probability of it being recovered in case it has been stolen. Such vehicles, therefore, pose a less risky prospect for insurance companies, which, in turn, can mean less expensive insurance premiums for their owners.

The essence of a GPS tracker is that it can immediately help locate a stolen automobile as well as serve as a protective measure against theft attempts. Given the recovery rate of GPS-tracked vehicles and the much lower risks that are usually involved, insurance firms are always inclined to reduce the premium rates that the clients will have to meet. This could potentially save a lot of money in the long run, at least over the life of a given vehicle, thus paying for the additional cost of obtaining and installing a GPS.

Every insurer offers different rates, and by consulting your insurer, you will be able to get the best discounts that he/she offers. If you are either a user of a car with a GPS Tracker or are planning to add this technology to your vehicle, it would be wise to contact your insurance company. Some of the insurers in Pakistan have started agreeing with the benefits of having track and trace through GPS and they may offer lower premiums but it is not necessarily that these will be reduced through the insurance policies that you have in place.

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

Living in a fast-paced world where our time is more valuable than it has ever been before, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could monitor your car even when you are not nearby?

Think about a situation when you are at work and your mobile number rings – it is an alert from your GPS tracker application, and it notifies you about the fact that your teenager left the school parking area in your car. This is just one possible example with real-time location updates to transform the car owner to be well-informed on the location of their car at any one time. It could be monitoring your kid driving safely, or checking on your car to confirm that it has not been stolen, these updates bring real-time consolation.

Another important characteristic that modern GPS tracking systems should feature is speed alerts. Some of these may be area-based, others may be able to set an alarm to inform you when your vehicle is exceeding a particular speed limit. As for parents of a teen driver, this feature should be extremely helpful as it allows the parents to teach the young driver or a teenage driver how to drive safely. The use of speed alerts is particularly important to commercial fleet managers since they may assist in enforcing the company’s policies on the acceptable speed limit, thus enhancing the overall performance and reducing on likelihood of the fleets being involved in an accident.

Automotive coverage shows a representation of virtual boundaries that can be set around the vehicle. This is the entry or exit notification of your vehicle from the pre-established secure zones. It may be used for securing personal vehicles, like getting a message when your car drives out of the parking lot of your house without your authorization. Other applications in commercial fleets include using geofencing to keep track of when or if the trucks stay or exit restricted areas such as job sites as the drivers adhere to the laid down routes and timings.


In considering the various advantages of GPS tracking to the security of vehicles, two important factors must be fully understood: This is not just about protection against theft; it is about changing the way that people engage with and influencing the behavior of their vehicles.

Automotive industries, whether it is an individual vehicle proprietor, an automobile dealer, or a commercial entity owning fleets of vehicles or taking care of car rentals can also benefit from GPS technology. These are mind-blowing powerful tools that are easy to use and provide the car owner or manager with instant details and controls.

Given these developments in the field of vehicle security, installing GPS tracking into your vehicle is not only a wise decision but is definitive of going a step further to prepare for a better-secured future. So, why wait? Seize the day steer yourself in this direction and zoom in comfortably with the assurance that your car is well-equipped with the finest security gadgets of the contemporary world.

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