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With Tracker Expert, experience dependable real-time tracking. As the Best Car Tracker Company in Pakistan, our GPS Tracker ensures your car’s location is always within your grasp, guaranteeing unmatched security.

24/7 Real Time Tracking

Monitor the precise location of your vehicle at all times, around the clock. Access street-level details using Google Maps on your computer, laptop, or through mobile apps on Android and iPhone devices.

Engine Disabling Capability

Take control remotely by turning off the engine if you suspect unauthorized usage. The engine will remain inactive until you send a resume command.

Safety Notifications

Receive alerts for various safety concerns, including battery or device tampering, overspeeding, aggressive driving behaviors like drifting, hard braking, hard acceleration, or detecting towing attempts and more.

Direct SMS Alerts

Opt to receive notifications via SMS on your mobile phone.

Auto Robot Call Alerts

Receive instant updates through automated robot call alerts.

Anti-Theft Sensor

Get alerts when there is any attempt, even a touch, on the concealed device.


Access your vehicle's history and reports for the past three months.

Geofencing Feature

Receive notifications when your vehicle crosses pre-defined boundaries such as city limits or customized areas like your home, office, college, or university.

Backup Battery

A safety backup battery ensures functionality during main power failures.

Overspeed Alert

Be notified when your vehicle exceeds the preset speed limit.

Rough Driving Monitoring

Receive immediate notifications in the event of harsh or rough driving.

Towing Detection

Be alerted if someone tries to tow your vehicle while the ignition is off.

Engine Start Alert

Receive notifications whenever the vehicle's engine is turned on.

Fast Update Interval

Location updates are provided at a faster interval compared to other companies in the market.

Approximate Fuel Consumption

Estimate the fuel consumed during trips without requiring additional hardware.


Access your account via web-app on any device of any platform


Fast and better user experience on Android and iPhone apps


Manage vehicles with option of multiple users with roles

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Our Vision

We Need to secure your Car

At Tracker Expert, the Best Car Tracker Company in Pakistan, our vision is clear: employ advanced GPS Tracker technology to safeguard every journey, ensuring your car remains protected and traceable at all times.

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