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Islamabad is the Capital City of Pakistan and its large glorious roads, along with captivating greenery make it quite a special place. It’s the hub of politics, and many diplomatic activities, in the diplomatic enclave. However, due to the rise of the population in the city and the roads getting more and more crowded, it is essential to have your car safety ensured. This TrackerExperts in Islamabad is the best option for getting your car trackers sorted.

Islamabad has a dense population and even more complicated road infrastructure; this is exactly why you need TrackerExperts to provide you with the best safety measures. Not only that TrackersExperts will guide the owners to the best route to their destination and many other facilities that provide safety and control.

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Why Car Trackers Are Essential In Islamabad?

Car trackers especially from TrackerExperts are essential in Islamabad for several reasons. Some are mentioned below:

High Vehicle Theft Rates:

Islamabad much like many other large cities, has a high rate of vehicular thefts. TrackerExperts ensures that they install the kind of equipment that will not only keep your vehicle safe but also will inform you about its location, unauthorized movement, and many other things that can play a massive role in ensuring that your vehicle is safe at all times.

Enhanced Security:

Engine Kill and Geofencing are some of the great features that TrackerExperts offer. These two features combined can help your car from being snatched or stolen. Geo-fencing restricts the area in which the vehicle can travel, if the vehicle surpasses those boundaries the owner gets a notification about the violation of the geo fencing. Engine kill is a great feature in case any odd un authorized movement is detected by the app then it will alert the owner who can then kill the engine remotely or via the control room and inform them to take action promptly.

Traffic Management:

Finding the quickest route to get to your destination is very crucial hence TrackerExperts ensures that they offer the fastest route to your destination. Using the best GPS equipment and a control room staff that is continuously working to make your experience better every day, TrackerExperts can find the best routes in no time. You can easily beat the traffic and reach your destination on time without any hassle.

Fleet Management:

Nowadays there are many fleet management companies such as Careem, Yango, Indrive, and others. For these companies, TrackerExperts is one of the best apps and services. TrackerExperts helps with Geofencing and ensures that you can add multiple vehicles in the app and track all of them. This allows you to keep an eye if the driver is using the quickest route and managing the speed of the vehicle or not. As you will get notified if the driver is speeding etc. these kinds of notifications and alerts make it easy to manage a fleet.

Key features of Car Trackers

These five features mentioned below are just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot more features that TrackerExperts car tracking offers, if you want to know more about what other features are included in the various packages then click on this link. However here are some of the best ones:

Share Track via the web or mobile app

Sharing tracks is a service that allows you to share the route you will be taking with your friends, family, and colleagues. This feature allows you to be able to choose the best route and share it. This feature especially is useful for people with logistics services. Three key prospective beneficiaries of this service are delivery service providers, personal safety, and fleet logistics management.

Geo-Fencing Multiple boundaries

Geo fencing allows the owner of the vehicle to designate an area in which the vehicle can travel. If the vehicle leaves those boundaries, then the owner will be alerted. This is great for parental control over the vehicle. This feature is also helpful in fleet management scenarios and helps ensure that the vehicle remains within its designated area.

Engine/Kill release via Control Room or Mobile app

The most crucial feature of any car tracking service is its ability to remotely kill/release the engine. Such as in case of unauthorized movement the owner will be alerted and will be able to kill the engine remotely via the app or by calling the control room staff.

Battery Tamper Critical Alert Via call

Battery tamper is a part of conducting parts theft, and TrackerExperts in Islamabad tackles this issue by notifying the owner so that the owner can take quick and prompt action by calling the control room to alert the law enforcement agencies and secure the vehicle. This feature ensures that potential thefts can be prevented.

3 years of History Backup

3 years of backup and history enables you to review all your data and all your past transits. Furthermore, it provides long-term tracking and operational data. This data is helpful in reviewing compliance, auditing, and performance. This allows for accountability and transparency when managing a personal vehicle or fleet management.

Different uses of Car Trackers in Islamabad

There are two main uses of car trackers in any city or country: personal usage and fleet management.

Fleet Management:

There are many companies that offer rental services and then there are other logistics companies that require a complete check on their fleets. Hence TrackerExperts is the best service to avail when it comes to managing a fleet. It also makes it easier for drivers to find the fastest route to their destination.

Personal Usage:

In the case of personal usage, you are trying to ensure the safety of your loved ones and your assets. Hence all the features that TrackerExperts offer are perfect for usage in routine life. Geo-fencing and real-time tracking enable the owner to know that their loved ones are within the designated area and the locations they are visiting.

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