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Rawalpindi is a beautiful city next door to Islamabad the Capital city of Pakistan. Rawalpindi however falls in the domain of the province of Punjab. It’s a peaceful yet vibrant city, filled with lots of historical monuments. The city has the cleanest roads and environment. However just like all the other cities Rawalpindi also has a very quickly growing population which is why there are traffic management issues. These issues lead to vehicle thefts, carjackings, and many other issues. Hence TrackerExperts in Rawalpindi is here to provide a safe solution to resolve the issues.

TrackerExperts in Rawalpindi intends to serve the people with the best GPS equipment and the best 24/7 real-time monitoring to ensure that your vehicles and family members feel safe while traveling. TrackerExperts focuses on providing convenience to people by offering customized solutions. TrackerExperts has a team of very skilled and well-equipped staff that understands your need to keep your vehicles and family members safe.

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Why Car Trackers Are Essential In Rawalpindi?

There are many reasons why car trackers are essential in the city of Rawalpindi but some of the major ones are mentioned below:

Safety of your assets:

Safety is one of the major concerns when living in large cities. Larger cities with a larger number of populations can cause a lot of traffic jams and traffic accidents. Either way safety of the passengers and the vehicle can be ensured with real-time tracking. Real-time tracking allows for the control room to take swift action and make sure that law enforcement and healthcare agencies have been dispatched.

Vehicle and Parts thefts:

Just like all the big cities Rawalpindi also has a high rate of vehicular thefts and not just that the younger robbers steal parts of the vehicle. Hence to tackle these issues TrackerExperts provides 24/7 control room monitoring of your vehicle so that you don’t have to worry about your vehicles. Also, you get notified on the app whenever such an act takes place and you can quickly get in touch with the support to find out what happened where the culprits were captured, and if the vehicle is secure.

Peace of mind:

When you choose to work with TrackerExperts you will know that you have chosen the right company since it provides so many features. Real-time monitoring, tampering, overspeeding, and other features provide a calming effect, offering peace of mind. This lets you know that your vehicle is secure and a 24/7 control room is keeping a watchful eye on it, keeping your assets and loved ones safe.

Theft deterrence:

Having a car tracker installed by TrackerExperts ensures that the risk of the vehicle being stolen is low. As the thieves fear knowing that the vehicle has such a strong and powerful car tracking system installed, they will not take a step near your vehicle.

Geo-Fencing capabilities:

When you are working with a fleet or handing your vehicle over to the children or other family members you can set up geo fencing. Geo-fencing allows the users to pinpoint which areas should the vehicle remain inside. This allows for more clear surveillance and as soon as the vehicle goes outside the geo-fenced area the owner gets notified. Making sure that you are in full control of your vehicle’s movements is beneficial in both fleet management and personal usage.

Key features of Car Trackers

Car trackers by TrackerExperts offer a lot of features, including geo-fencing, real-time monitoring from the control room, apps on Android and iOS, and many more. Following are some of the features offered by the TrackerExperts:

3 years of Video playback history:

TrackerExperts in Rawalpindi offer their customers a 3-year-long video playback. This allows the owner of the vehicle to analyze the driver’s behavior, speeding, or even accidents. This can also help in investigating a crime or an accident. Hence this is a very useful feature.

3 years running report:

3 years of running report is provided by car track in Rawalpindi, this report is all about engine optimization. It reflects idle time, engine use, and overall performance of the vehicles. This feature is especially useful in the case of fleet management. This way you can optimize the usage of your vehicle in a better way. It will also help you with maintenance, reducing fuel consumption, and improving efficiency.  

3 years of mileage report:

TrackerExperts compile the milage data of 3 years for your vehicles by recording the distance they covered over the passage of three years. From a maintenance perspective, this is an unbelievably good feature as it provides comprehensive details about the wear and tear, fuel expenses, tires, and other maintenance aspects.

3 years of trip reports:

This is an excellent feature for the people who travel a lot. These reports provide compiled data of how many stops you made, what routes you took and travel duration, and other elements of the travel. This helps in recognizing travel patterns how can you improve route selection and what kind of travel policies need to be followed.

3 years Park report:

3 years of parking reports are compiled and provided to the owner of the vehicle. This information helps the vehicle owner to be aware that the vehicle is being parked at a safe place. Ensuring that the drivers are choosing safe places to park their cars is a good way to manage your fleet. This ensures in helping fleet management and making sure that the drivers do not park their car in an unsafe place prone to thefts or other risks.

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