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Bahawalpur has a rich Rajasthani culture and most of the landmarks still represent that. It’s also amongst the list of the populated cities of Pakistan. Hence it has a lot of vehicles on the roads. Having a dense population obviously means that there will be more vehicles on the roads. The Derawar Fort, Noor Mehal, and other magnificent palaces attract a lot of tourists. The city of Bahawalpur is a magnificent collision of the Mughal and Victorian cultures.  

Hence, It attracts a lot of tourism as well which is why rental companies and fleet or taxi companies such as indrive, Careem, and Yango have a great opportunity to serve visitors well. However, the congested nature of the roads and the underdeveloped roads of the city cause massive congestion and issues for the people. However, TrackerExperts Car trackers in Bahawalpur are ready to some of your worries away with the best devices that will suit your needs perfectly. 

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Why Car Trackers Are Essential In Bahawalpur?

There are many reasons why Bahawalpur’s citizens require car trackers. We have compiled a list of some of the most important and essential reasons below:

Theft Prevention:

Having a car tracker from TrackerExperts placed in your vehicle reduces the chances of theft. thieves are less likely to get involved in a carjacking or theft where the chances of them getting caught are high. with the GPS system, Real time monitoring, push notifications about door openings and ignition on/off and many more of such features prevent the theft and give time to the law enforcement agencies to arrive at the spot and handle the situation and return your vehicle safely.

Recovery assistance:

Real-time tracking is a feature in car trackers that keeps you informed about your vehicle. Hence in the case of theft the real-time tracking along with the GPS system, the vehicle can be located very easily. Also, a 24/7 control room is aware of the movement of your vehicle, so in case a theft attempt is being made you can contact the control room and ask them to engage the law enforcement agencies and immobilize the car by app or control room.

Fleet Management:   

Bahawalpur is a tourist destination due to its rich culture and beautiful Rajasthani décor. Hence, many companies offer commuting services. These transport service providers generally have a long list of vehicles registered with them and not a lot of car trackers in Bahawalpur offer the kind of facilities that are required to manage a large fleet. Managing fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance push notifications about ignition on/off, start and stop reports and hourly updates are some of the things that fleet management companies require and TrackerExperts offers all of the above and more. If you want to know more about our services click on this link.

Driver behavior:

When managing a fleet or handing over your vehicle to your child to drive, you can monitor their driving ethics and behavior. Its important to notice these things to improve the driver behavior and prevent any kind of accidents, things such as starts and stops, brakes, over speeding. Furthermore, Bahawalpur’s Road infrastructure is underdeveloped which is why you get stuck on congested roads and it prevents you from being on time. Therefore, car trackers are essential in such a city and can help drivers improve their driving behavior.

Key features of Car Trackers

There are many amazing features offered by TrackerExperts in Bahawalpur if you want to review the full list click on this link. However here are some of the crucial features that TrackerExperts car trackers in Bahawalpur offer:

Schedule reports (daily, weekly, monthly email reports):

Car trackers in Bahawalpur offer daily, weekly, or monthly reports about the vehicle or fleet of vehicles. This report consists of details of routes taken, milage, speeding, brakes, maintenance, and much more. It is a comprehensive overview of the vehicles and gives the owner the ability to review it and get the maintenance done as per the report and also check in with the driver about any driving violations.

Voice Listening:

Some car trackers provide the advanced feature of voice listening from the interior of the car. This helps in parental control as well as the ability to prevent any illegal and unauthorized activities. Furthermore, it provides a sense of calm to the owners of the vehicle knowing that they can listen to the kind of conversation that is taking place in the vehicle and how they can prevent any kind of irresponsible behavior.

Door Open alert:

Whenever the doors of the vehicle are opened unauthorized the car tracker device sends a notification to the owner of the vehicle. The owner upon seeing the alert can check the real-time location of the vehicle and check for any discrepancies and alert the law enforcement agencies to prevent any theft attempts.   

Air Conditioning on/off

Air Conditioning in a vehicle eats up a lot of the fuel hence from the perspective of the owner it is a great feature to know when was the air conditioning of the vehicle on and off. This helps in reducing fuel costs and timely maintenance as well. The owners receive this information in the form of alerts on the app on their phone or tablet. So, for fuel consumption efficiency and effective vehicle maintenance, it’s crucial to take this feature into consideration.

Panic button:

A panic button offers a lot of safety to drivers and owners alike. By pressing the panic button your pre-set contacts are informed about the immediate alert and the 24/7 support system also gets alerted and instantly informs the law enforcement agencies to provide rescue services. The car tracker helps law enforcement agencies figure out the exact location of the vehicle by using a GPS system.

Different uses of Car Trackers in Bahawalpur

The amazing car trackers in Bahawalpur serve both commercially for fleets and personal usage for individuals as well. Each of those comes with its own perks and package details are provided on this page. Do feel free to look at the packages as this may help you keep yourself and your family safe.

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