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Faisalabad was called Lyallpur and then later on due to its industrial significance, it is now commonly known as the Manchester of Pakistan. The industrialization of Faisalabad has made it very significant for the Pakistani economy. However, due to the industrialization of the economy, the population has also started to grow significantly. Due to this Car trackers in Faisalabad are very important. Hence TrackerExperts are now servicing the city of Faisalabad as well.

Car trackers in Faisalabad have been very important since the industrialization there are a lot of companies that manage the fleet and transport of goods. Hence, it’s important that vehicular safety is ensured. Even on a personal level, it’s important to have vehicular support.

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Why Car Trackers Are Essential In Faisalabad?

Following are some of the reasons why car trackers are essential in Faisalabad:

Real-time tracking:

Real-time tracking is one of the best features of car trackers in Faisalabad that is provided by TrackerExperts in Faisalabad. In the city of Faisalabad where there is so much industrial work going on and so many companies are managing fleets, real-time tracking helps owners ensure all the vehicles are making timely deliveries.

Parental Control:

In the city of Faisalabad which is growing at a rapid pace, more and more people now have multiple cars for their children. Hence from a personal usage aspect, this allows the parents to have complete control of the child driving the vehicle. The parents this way feel much safer knowing that they have the best tracking service in place, that is TrackerExperts.

Driver Behavior Monitoring:

TrackerExperts in Faisalabad offers services that allow you to monitor the behavior of the driver. You get notified if the driver is over speeding or taking too many breaks and other similar data is provided that can help the owners understand and monitor driver behavior. In an industrial city where time is of the essence, it is key to ensure you can monitor and train your drivers to improve their efficiency.

Route Optimization:

TrackerExperts in Faisalabad are important to ensure that the drivers can choose the best route to their destination and ensure that the goods are delivered on time. Car trackers help in optimizing the route and providing a clear route by avoiding congested areas. This helps optimize productivity and minimize travel time.

Maintenance Alerts:

Maintenance is very important for any car hence car trackers in Faisalabad offer information about the engine, tires, oil change, and many other elements to ensure that the owners know when the vehicle requires maintenance. Owners receive alerts on their apps and web portals on when to get full maintenance done on their vehicles.

Safety of driver:

Driver safety is also a very important aspect that makes car trackers essential in Faisalabad. The roads in Faisalabad are congested and sometimes there are a few reckless drivers on the loose. Car trackers help owners locate the best least congested route to travel easily and safely. For the owners from a personal point of view, real-time location tracking helps owners know that their loved ones are safe.

Key features of Car Trackers

There are many features that TrackerExperts offers and if you want to look at the whole list click on this link. For now, we will cover some of them to help you make up your mind.  

Navigation on Demand

TrackerExperts in Faisalabad offers an amazing service of navigation on demand. This allows for timely arrival at the location and the ability to avoid congested roads because it provides real-time data on road traffic conditions. It’s a feature that makes car trackers in Faisalabad invaluable. Also, its usage is good for both fleet management and personal usage.

Push Notifications (ignition on/off, hourly, geofencing violation of 250+ cities& over speeding:

TrackerExperts in Faisalabad offers push notifications for various things such as unauthorized or authorized ignition on and off, hourly updates about your vehicle and its location, and geofence in and out for 250 plus cities. The purpose of making these push notifications is to provide the owners maximum safety and ensure timely arrival at your destination without getting into any kind of trouble.

Illegal ignition on alert (push notification/App Alert)

The car trackers in Faisalabad by TrackerExperts are able to notify the owners if an illegal ignition attempt is made on the vehicle. The owner receives a push notification or alert on the app the informed. The benefit of this service is that the owner can immobilize the vehicle and call the 24/7 support team to notify law enforcement agencies and stop any theft attempts. This prevents and makes your valuable asset less likely to be stolen and provides the owner peace of mind.

High surveillance (via call)

High surveillance via a phone call is the best and quickest way to gain real-time information about the vehicle. This feature helps the owner keep an eye on the vehicle and be informed of the location, stop and start points, driver behavior, speeding, and many other things. TrackerExperts understands the importance of your valuable vehicle and gives the best high surveillance via call. This service also works in both cases which are fleet management and personal use.

Province Out (via call)

TrackerExperts has installed the feature of the province out notifications as well. This way you will be informed every time your vehicle leaves the provincial boundaries. This works great in managing a fleet where vehicles have to travel across provincial borders. It has a benefit for the personal users as well as they can also stay informed about their loved ones during long-distance traveling.

Different uses of Car Trackers in Faisalabad

Faisalabad is a densely populated city and an industrial hub of the country. Hence, Faisalabad can surely benefit from having a car tracker service in Faisalabad that will incorporate their whole fleet. As for personal use, it’s best to have the car tracker service by TrackerExperts as we offer the best insight and support in managing your vehicle and keeping it safe.

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