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Quetta is a high-population agricultural city along with being the hub of cultural heritage and truly expressing diversity and resilience. It is known for the fruit it grows and trades to the entire country and others as well. Hence why it has become a trade hub as well.

It attracts a lot of people from all over the country, which leads to increased traffic on the roads. Sadly, vehicle thefts are very common in this region as people who steal the cars sell them in Baluchistan. This region has a dense population and the road infrastructure is building and the population is growing at a very high rate. Hence having one of the best car tracking solutions is very important. TrackerExperts Car trackers in Quetta can help protect your vehicle against all of these dangers.

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Why Car Trackers Are Essential In Quetta?

Car trackers are essential in Quetta for many reasons that relate to the crime rate in the region and some of them are mentioned below:

High instances of car theft:

Quetta has a lot more instances of vehicle theft. Against which car trackers can help not only retrieve the vehicle but also deter thieves from attempting to steal. Its geographical location plays a big role in the stolen vehicles are easy to transport to Baluchistan. However, if the vehicle is equipped with a powerful car tracking device, then thieves are hesitant to steal that vehicle. Hence car trackers are essential in Quetta.

Enhanced security in a high-risk area:

Quetta as a region has some places that are more prone to instances of car theft. This is why it is best that car trackers are installed in the vehicle because car trackers provide real-time movement and location of the vehicle to the owner and the control room. The control room monitoring the vehicle can inform them if anything happens. Furthermore, with the advancement of technology, you can keep your vehicle secure with the help of geofencing that some of the car trackers in Quetta offer.

Fleet Management for local businesses:

As we have already mentioned Quetta is an agricultural hub of the country, hence there are many businesses that use large vehicles to transport goods. Car trackers can help in managing a large number of vehicles for fleet managers. Car trackers provide comprehensive reports about the driver behavior, location, and movement of the vehicle helping fleet managers choose better routes and work with the drivers to help guide them on best practices.

Emergency Response in Remote Areas:

Quetta’s terrain is mountainous and includes remote locations where accidents or instances of vehicle breakdown may happen. In these places and these locations, the vehicles equipped with car trackers are able to be located with the help of real-time monitoring of the vehicle by 24/7 control room professionals. The real-time location can assist in locating the vehicle and deploying the emergency services as quickly as possible to facilitate the drivers.

Key features of Car Trackers

TrackerExperts offers a lot of amazing features if you want to see the full extent of them then click on this link. However, we have mentioned some of them below:

Share Track Via Web & Mobile App:

Sharing live location tracking helps fleet managers and owners of the vehicle feel safe when driving the vehicle knowing that their location is known to authorized personnel. The share track location is done via web portal or mobile app. It is very helpful in fleet management because it helps in keeping things transparent. Also, parents can feel safe letting their children drive the vehicle.

Geofence Call (Multiple Boundaries):

Geofencing is a feature that TrackerExperts offers in Quetta and it’s one of the best features knowing that Quetta has some dangerous terrain the owners of the vehicles and fleet can set boundaries around areas they don’t want their vehicles to visit. If any of the boundaries is crossed by the vehicle the owner or fleet manager is instantly notified. This helps ensure the safety of the drivers and makes sure that no unauthorized trips are made and it generally helps keep the vehicle in the safe zones.  

Engine Kill/Release via Control Room and Mobile App:

TrackerExperts in Quetta offers the feature to kill the engine through the mobile app or control room. This helps ensure that any unauthorized movement of the vehicle is immediately halted and that law enforcement agencies are informed of the location of the vehicle by the control room which can then stop the theft. This feature also comes will a release option so when you know that the thieves have been apprehended the owner can release the engine by mobile app or by calling the control room.    

Battery Tamper Alert (Critical Alert via Call):

Car trackers in Quetta by TrackerExperts have a very special device and service in which any attempts to tamper with the battery alert the control room. The moment someone tries to tamper the vehicle the critical alert is issued. This critical alert is so important that the control room calls the owner or the fleet manager about the tampering to inform them. The control room then calls law enforcement agencies to prevent the theft and make sure that the vehicle is safe and sound.   

3 years of History Backup:

TrackerExperts Car trackers in Quetta provide the owners of the fleet or the personal user with 3 years of backup. The backup includes a lot of details about the route taken by the driver and the number of stops made for vehicle maintenance. This information helps owners and fleet managers have full knowledge of how the vehicle is being used and with this knowledge, they can make informed decisions. It also helps in optimizing fuel usage, route planning, and investigating various instances or occurrences of an incident.

Different uses of Car Trackers in Quetta

There are two main usages of the car trackers in Quetta that are fleet management and personal use. Both are equally important and both can greatly benefit from the services offered by TrackerExperts if you want to look at our services click on this link.

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