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Gujranwala is an industrial hub. Also, it’s known as be “City of Wrestlers”. Its industrial sector is known for producing Textiles, ceramics, and agricultural equipment. Due to it being an industrial hub, it attracts a lot of attention from all over Pakistan and a lot of people visit it. Due to this, there is an influx of cars arriving at Gujranwala and that can make the roads too congested. Hence Gujranwala is also faced with the same challenges of vehicle safety as most of the other cities.

Due to the expansion of the city of Gujranwala, the need for vehicle safety has gone up as the roads have become congested. In such an atmosphere vehicular safety is very important. However now with the advancement in technology, it’s much easier to protect your vehicles and fleets. So, let’s see why is it important for Gujranwala to have Car trackers.

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Why Car Trackers Are Essential In Gujranwala?

There are many reasons why car trackers are essential in Gujranwala, mentioned below are some of them.

High Vehicle Theft Rates:

Just like most of the urban cities in Pakistan Gujranwala is also battling the disease of car thefts and vehicular crime. The high vehicle theft rates have made it difficult for most of people to travel to Gujranwala. Hence it’s important to introduce the culture of car trackers in the city so that vehicular thefts can decrease.

Improved Law Enforcement Capabilities:

Car trackers come with 24/7 monitoring of the vehicle and a control room dedicated to ensuring that the vehicles with the car trackers are secure. This helps improve the likelihood of law enforcement agencies arriving at the location on time. Due to the GPS systems in the car trackers Law enforcement agencies can locate the vehicle easily and stop the theft.

Parental Controls and Personal Safety:

Gujranwala is an industrial city hence it has a lot of rich businessmen with lots of valuable vehicles. In order to protect those vehicles, it is important for them to have vehicular safety for personal vehicles. This way they can hand over their valuable vehicles to their children for driving without the fear of any accidents occurring. If it does not have a car tracker then the parents are less likely to be able to properly monitor the location and the driving behavior of their child.  

Technological Advancement and Awareness:

The usage of car trackers is a relatively new phenomenon and if Gujranwala is to adopt it. It will bring about a technological advancement in the country and more people will be curious to gain access to such service. Further, the awareness of vehicular thefts and safety will also encourage more people to become careful about their vehicles and adopt the best most modern-age solution to their vehicular theft issues.

Community Safety Initiatives:

As more people become aware of the car theft issues and proactively seek ways to reduce crime, will at the end of the day cause the whole community to gain access to safety initiatives. As people become more aware and eager to get rid of vehicular thefts, more and more community safety initiatives will come about and car trackers will assist in making the neighborhood watch and local law enforcement agencies more effective.

Key features of Car Trackers

Car trackers by TrackerExperts offer a lot of features that are beneficial in ensuring that your vehicle remains secure. Mentioned below are some of these important features.  

High Surveillance via Call

Car Trackers in Gujranwala provide high surveillance of any vehicle by calling the owner and providing real-time updates on the vehicle. For high surveillance of the vehicles, the car trackers provide the owners of the vehicle a specific number where they can call and get a real-time movement and location update of their vehicle. In case of emergency, this feature is very helpful. Ensuring that help is on the way and the people in the vehicle are safe is important.

Province Out via Call

TrackerExperts Car trackers come equipped with a feature that allows users to receive a phone call when the vehicle crosses the provincial boundaries. A “Province Out” phone call helps the vehicle owners know when the vehicle has crossed any allowed areas. This helps in maintaining the safety of the vehicle and the driver and ensures high security.

Scheduled Reports (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly)

TrackerExperts Car trackers in Gujranwala provide scheduled reports about your vehicles. These reports include all kinds of information such as mileage, engine on/off, speeding, acceleration, and other details that help owners know more about their vehicle. This also helps in understanding maintenance needs. This facilitates owners and fleet managers to maintain records about their vehicles.

Voice Listening

In Gujranwala, TrackerExperts offers the service of voice listening from inside the vehicle. This feature is useful when you need to listen to the conversation inside the vehicle. Real-time audio surveillance can help in case you suspect misuse of the vehicle. Hence the audio surveillance may be useful for personal use and fleets equally.

Door Open Alert

TrackerExperts car trackers in Gujranwala offer the service of alerting the owner of an unauthorized door opening. If the door of the vehicle is opened at any time by either an unauthorized person or at an odd time the real-time monitoring team from the control room alerts the owner and calls the law enforcement agencies to prevent potential theft.

Different uses of Car Trackers in Gujranwala

As mentioned above Gujranwala is growing at a steady pace and is an industrial hub hence a lot of people from across Pakistan visit Gujranwala. For that reason, vehicle safety and security are very important. Hence car trackers facilitate personal vehicle owners as well as fleet managers. Since there is a lot of industrial activity going on there are a lot of fleet trucks that go to and forth to Gujranwala and a car tracker service can help a lot of these freight managers.

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