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Lahore is one of the most vibrant cities in Pakistan. Whether it is old Lahore or the new underpasses and the Orange Line train stations, it is crowded with people chattering on. While it’s all-big flashy roads and underpasses, Lahore’s population is rising at a very high rate hence the traffic on the roads. More and more people unfortunately are under the poverty line, hence more vehicular thefts are occurring. In such a risqué environment TrackerExperts in Lahore is ready to install its state-of-the-art tracking system in your vehicles so that your family and assets can remain safe.

TrackerExperts is ready to help the people of Lahore. Helping them find the easiest routes with high-quality GPS systems. A 24/7 control room to monitor the vehicles and ensure complete protection. The congested roads of Lahore can really benefit from a system like TrackerExperts.

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Why Car Trackers Are Essential In Lahore?

Car Trackers help protect your vehicle from any kind of tampering, and if you didn’t know in Lahore some places are known for the high number of tampering and stealing parts such as the side view mirrors. So let’s deep dive and understand why car trackers are essential in Lahore.

Traffic Monitoring:

Lahore is densely populated hence the roads are very congested. If you have a GPS system installed by TrackerExperts in Lahore then the drivers and owners will be able to find the shortest and easiest route to the destination. This helps reduce the time taken to travel from one destination to the other and avoid all kinds of traffic jams. Commuting from work to home and vis-a-vis also becomes easier with time.

Emergency Assistance:

The benefit of having a 24/7 control room allows you to have access to real-time support. Car trackers in any medical or accident-related emergency can track down the location of the vehicle with the GPS system and facilitate. Real-time monitoring also comes in handy in noticing an issue and notifying the owner of the problem. The control room takes rapid action to deploy medical and law enforcement agencies. This way you know that your loved ones will get the assistance they require quickly.

Fuel Efficiency:

Real-time monitoring of the vehicles and 3-year-long records of mileage, running, and trip reports allow owners of the vehicle to analyze the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. This helps in educating the owners about the behavior of the driver especially in the case of fleet management. It’s easier to analyze the behavior and make sure that the drivers are running the vehicle with fuel efficiency in mind. Owners of the vehicle can also hold drivers accountable for not following best practices.

Improved Customer service:

Delivery companies can especially benefit from the TrackerExperts services as they will be able to provide real-time updates to the customers. Accurate ETA builds trust in the customers and makes for a better overall experience for the customers.

Security for high-value vehicles:

In the big cities of Pakistan, whether it’s Lahore, Karachi, or Islamabad, some people own high-value vehicles. To protect those vehicles TrackerExperts offers a highly optimized plan to ensure that the high-value assets can remain safe and if stolen, can be recovered quickly.

Key features of Car Trackers

There are many amazing features that TrackerExperts offers to its customers, if you want to know about all of them click on this link. However, we have enlisted some of the features for you:

Drive & Stop Report:

TrackerExperts in Lahore monitor and share a comprehensive report detailing the number of stops a vehicle makes the duration of the stops, the distance covered, and start and stop times. This helps the owner of the vehicle to review the driver’s behavior and work on improving the routing plan to improve fuel consumption and to evaluate driver behavior. This feature is especially useful for fleet managers.

Location on Demand:

At TrackerExperts the owner can ask for the location of the vehicle on demand on their app or the website. This allows the owners of the vehicle to feel peace of mind and secure about the driver’s safety. This is also a great feature for both fleet management and personal usage to ensure the safety of your family members and loved ones.

Assistance in theft cases:

TrackerExperts in Lahore are aware of the rising issues of vehicle theft hance they have the perfect features to recover the vehicle quickly. The app informs the owner in case of unauthorized movement and alerts the owner of a possible theft in progress. They can then choose to use the immobilizing feature to ensure that the vehicle doesn’t move forward. Meanwhile, the control room alerts the law enforcement agency by pinpointing the location of the vehicle via GPS. 

Over Speed Alerts (push Notifications & App Alerts)

TrackerExperts have used the technology to make driving safer more than ever. The TrackerExperts have a feature that informs the owners by push notification and app alerts when the vehicle exceeds the speed limit. Wondering what is the speed limit, well you can set a speed limit on your app for any vehicle and if the driver exceeds that limit, then the owner gets notified immediately which results in the safety of the driver it also reduces accidents and builds safe driving habits.

Ignition ON/Off Alerts (push notification & App alerts)

Ignition on and off alerts are a great feature to keep your vehicle safe. If the vehicle’s ignition is turned on unauthorized then the owner will get a push notification or an alert on the app. This reduces the possibility of thefts as the owner can choose to immobilize the vehicle immediately. And control room in the meantime manages to alert law enforcement agencies about the unauthorized turning on of the ignition.

Different uses of Car Trackers in Lahore

TrackerExperts in Lahore is awaiting your arrival to set you up with the best car trackers to ensure that your vehicle is completely safe and you don’t have to go through any hassle. Our team will provide you with all the services, apps, and web portals.

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