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Karachi is a beautiful city with its tall sky-high buildings and beaches; however, it is also extremely populated. Hence, you will find many vehicles on the road, most stuck in traffic jams.

Traffic management has always been a problem in Karachi, while traffic jams, car thefts and carjackings make it worse, this is why some security measures need to be in place. Ensuring that people do not have to deal with thefts, carjackings, and stealing parts and other types of crimes.  

Moreover, stolen vehicles can be used for multiple other crimes. Hence, it’s best to take care of your assets as best as you can. This is why it’s integral to take precautions with the best security system that we have to offer, you can avail of any of the packages to protect your valuable asset.

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Why Car Trackers Are Essential In Karachi?

When you spend so much money on an asset you want to make sure that it does not become a victim of thefts and carjackings. Hence, it’s best to use some precautionary measures all the time like looking at the doors, using immobilizers, etc to fight against the crime rate that is increasing day by day.

Stolen Parts:

Have you ever parked your car outside a building and returned to your vehicle with both side view mirrors missing. This sort of thing always happens in Karachi. Unfortunately, children are the ones involved in these immoral acts. TrackerExperts however provide Park Reports and assistance in theft cases which can be a lifesaver.

Furthermore, video playback history can help identify the culprit behind it. Such as the amazing service that we at TrackerExperts offer. Side-view mirrors are not the only thing that can be stolen in fact the rims of the tires are also among the victims of such crimes and can cause a hit to your bank account. Hence TrackerExperts makes sure to cover all the bases and ensure that you never have to deal with these issues.

Vehicle Theft:

Since theft is a very big issue, Car tracker takes it very seriously as well and with the help of the 23/7 support staff and with the cooperation of law enforcement agencies your car can be found very easily. In fact, it will be returned to you in the same condition you left it. In Karachi sadly car snatching is a big issue and these people carry guns with them and they force you to hand over the vehicle. Now you can hand over the vehicle for your and your family’s safety and TrackerExperts will be alerted to this event and will take measures so that not only the culprits are caught but also that your car is handed over to you safely.

Key features of Car Trackers

These are some of the key features that TrackerExperts offers to its customers. These five are a very small number compared to all the services it actually offers, click on this link to know more about the services. But for now, let’s look at some of the amazing features that are offered by TrackerExperts in Karachi.

24/7 Control Room Monitoring:

Having the backup of 24/7 monitoring of your vehicle is a great feeling. It gives you peace of mind and you can feel comfortable parking your car anywhere. TrackerExperts uses high-quality equipment and technology to monitor your vehicles. Furthermore, the staff monitoring is also trained to immediately coordinate with the law enforcement companies to resolve these issues.

Real-Time Tracking:

Real-time tracking using the best GPS system is able to locate your vehicle no matter where it is. The GPS technology provides full information on where the car is in real time. This feature works both for personal use and commercial usage. For instance, your child wants to drive the vehicle, you will be able to keep an eye on the movement of the car and that will significantly decrease your stress. Also in commercial usage, you can easily track the drivers who you have given cars to drive, as an agency. Another benefit in the commercial space is the fleet management. Yes, managing a fleet is now possible with TrackerExperts.

Nationwide Tracking:

TrackerExperts tracking is not limited to one city. If you go beyond the boundaries of the city, you will still have access to all the facilities being offered while you were in Karachi. The owner will have complete access to the movements of the vehicle. The beauty of this feature is that it allows you to keep in touch with your vehicle regardless of which corner of the country you are in, and you have access to all of the amazing features it offers.

Web Access Portal (user-friendly interface):

The Web Access Portal is a necessity as it offers customers a chance to look at their analytics in an easy-to-use interface. This web portal is enabled on all of the devices that have access to the internet. Through its sleek and simple dashboard, you can review analytics, set geographical boundaries, and alerts about speeding and unauthorized movement.

Andriod and IOS – Accommodating Multiple Users:

We know that not everyone has an iPhone and not everyone has an Android hence leaning towards one rather than the other would not be a good idea. Hence the application can be downloaded on any device. The apps help give you alerts about overspeeding, recordings, tracking of the vehicle, and much more. Imagine having full control of the vehicle and how easy it is to stay connected with your fleet and ensure the orders are delivered on time.

Different uses of Car Trackers in Karachi

As we all know Karachi is the business hub of Pakistan many fleets and vehicles roam the city roads. Hence TrackerExperts offers its services to people in Karachi. One type of use is fleet management, rental car management and personal use management. Fleet management allows the managerial staff to allocate resources effectively and make sure that the fleet is taking the best route possible to their destination, the same goes for rental car owners, as it becomes very easy to detect the driver’s behavior and ensure that they have taken the best route possible. For personal use, its amazing features will allow you to have geofencing and ensure that the person driving the vehicle is safe at all times. 

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