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Sargodha is a small city compared to Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad.  However, it is known for its citrus fruit farming and holds great significance as an agricultural city. With the growth of the city and the modernization taking over, the threats of vehicular thefts become more important and should be addressed properly. TrackerExperts Car trackers in Sargodha serve the citizens of Sargodha and keep them and their vehicles safe.

Car trackers are in general becoming more and more common in Sargodha as the city grows the need for better GPS systems and real-time tracking requirements are growing. Car trackers serve the dual purpose of providing security for personal use vehicles as well as fleets of trucks that carry produce and rental vehicles fleets as well.

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Why Car Trackers Are Essential In Sargodha?

Car trackers in Sargodha are gaining more importance since the city of Sargodha is growing at a rapid pace. It’s best to make sure that your vehicles are protected by the best car trackers. Here are some reasons why car trackers are essential in Sargodha:

·       Fleet Management:

Since Sargodha is an agricultural city most of the produce is transported through trucks, these vehicles carry expensive produce and need protection from thieves. As the city grows the requirement for a proper GPS system, navigation and real-time tracking becomes more important. Hence having a car tracking device will equip the drivers and the owners with the best tools to manage the fleets.

·       Fuel Efficiency:

Making sure that the vehicle is running at maximum fuel efficiency can be made possible with the right kind of car tracking devices. Car tracking devices provide an analytical review of driving behavior such as how many times the vehicle starts and stops, speed, brakes, and other aspects. These analytics allow the drivers and the owners to avoid congested roads, remain at a steady speed, and optimize routes with better GPS capabilities.

·       Driver Behavior Monitoring:

Monitoring driver behavior in Sargodha is very important since it’s a small city and the roads are congested. Also monitoring driver behavior has benefits for the fleet managers as they can evaluate the condition of the vehicle as well depending upon on much are they speeding, braking, and accelerating. This also helps in the maintenance of the vehicle.

·       Vehicle Maintenance:

By evaluating the behavior of the driver by using the data on acceleration, speeding, and brakes, the drivers and owners can better evaluate the condition of the vehicle. Furthermore, car trackers provide the service of monitoring the health of the vehicle, such as the oil changes and brake conditions, tires, and engine performance.

·       Parental Control:

The driving habits of the drivers can be noticed and evaluated based on the way they drive. The speed, brakes, acceleration, ignition on/off, and other such things display the behavior of the driver. This allows parents to have knowledge of their child’s driving behavior and have some peace of mind that they can be aware of their behaviors.

Key features of Car Trackers

TrackerExperts offers a lot of amazing features that can not only improve driver behavior but also help the owners maintain their vehicles better and steer clear of accidents. If you want to see the extended list of features that TrackerExperts offers, click on this link. However, the following are some of the features that TrackerExperts offer.

·       Towing detection:

Towing detection is a crucial feature as it detects unauthorized movement of the vehicle. This feature alerts the 24/7 control room about the unauthorized movement and the support team sends the owner a push notification alert on their app. Meanwhile, the control room informs the law enforcement agencies of the situation and this helps in preventing theft and puts the owner at ease.

·       Moving analytics

Moving analytics is a feature that TrackerExperts offers to better understand the behavior of the drivers on the road. These moving analytics provide extensive data on routes taken, stops, brakes, and speed of the vehicle. This allows for optimizing fuel consumption improving driver behavior and better route management. Fleet management becomes much easier with these tools as the fleet managers can review the routes, speed, brakes, and many other analytical aspects. All of these things optimize the drivers’ behaviors which helps optimize fleet management.  

·       Harsh braking

Harsh braking affects the wear and tear of the tires and it can be managed with the TrackerExperts Car trackers in Sargodha. Frequently harsh braking may be due to overspeeding, rash driving, and other potentially risky driving behaviors. This helps fleet managers and parents to improve the driving behavior of the drivers and guide them better on driving ethics. This feature further helps managers of fleets and parents to work on reducing the wear and tear of the vehicles for not only personal use but also fleets.

·       Harsh Acceleration

Detection of harsh acceleration in Sargodha helps drivers and vehicle owners notice the driver’s behavior. As harsh acceleration indicates to risky driving, it’s better to manage this aspect and guide the drivers to follow driving ethics. It is important that car trackers help improve fuel efficiency, reduce the harsh impact on engines, and encourage good driving habits. Hence this feature has a great impact on the better control over driving performance and efficiency of the vehicle overall.

·       Harsh Cornering:

Harsh cornering is another feature that TrackerExperts car trackers in Sargodha monitor. This provides valuable insight into the driver’s behavior. The harsh cornering could mean that the driver is making aggressive turns and causing tires to wear out quickly. This behavior analysis of the driver will inform the drivers and the owners of the fleet vehicles to train for smoother turns and safe driving. It is better to guide the drivers to improve their driving ethics and encourage safe driving.

Different uses of Car Trackers in Sargodha

Since Sargodha is an agricultural city, it has a lot of fleets and personal use vehicles. Both of these two sectors of the market can benefit from the services offered by TrackerExperts. Feel free to call us or email us and we will serve you the best we can.

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