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Sialkot contributes to the trading of the country, by producing excellently handcrafted goods that are exported. Sialkot is known for its leather products, surgical instruments, and sports goods. The craftsmanship and being hand made these products have acquired interest from all over the country. Businessmen from all over the country visit the city for trading and business purposes.

Increases in trading and economic activity have brought more people from all over the country to Sialkot. This means more vehicles on the road and the need for better car tracking solutions. Thanks to the advancement in the technology sector, now such car trackers exist that can provide real-time location, navigation, and security of the vehicle in a way that protects the vehicle against any harm. TrackerExperts car trackers in Sialkot will help you find the best safety and security solution for your vehicle.

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Why Car Trackers Are Essential In Sialkot?

Car trackers have now become essential in every city whether it’s a big city or small all people and fleet owners require one unified system that several of their needs when it comes to monitoring the vehicles.

Real-time monitoring:

The roads of Sialkot have gotten more and more congested over time. Hence it’s best to have a car tracking service that provides you real-time monitoring of the vehicle. Especially now with more vehicles, the risk of theft and carjacking has become more eminent. Hence it is best to have a car tracking service that will allow the owner of the vehicle to be aware of the location and movement of the vehicle. Since Sialkot is an industrial city and lots of fleet management has to be done as well it is also a requirement for the fleet managers to keep track of their vehicles.

Theft Prevention:

Car theft is a common concern in many cities including Sialkot. The car trackers that are now available in the market allow for real-time monitoring and can also help deter thieves from trying to steal the vehicle. Some car trackers come equipped with systems that can instantly inform the control room of tampering and the control room then quickly contacts the law enforcement agencies and prevents a vehicle from being stolen.  

Parental Control:

Parents who are scared to let their children drive the car can now let their children drive with the help of car trackers. Car trackers in Sialkot will allow parents to see and monitor the location and movement of the vehicle. The families and parents experience peace of mind by letting their children drive their vehicles. It also helps in monitoring the driving behavior of the children and helps parents understand if they need any more training on driving ethics and best practices.


Parents are often times scared of sending their children to some places in the city to avoid any kind of vandalism. This is particularly helpful in Sialkot as parents may not be comfortable with their children going to certain areas. Hence some car trackers provide geo-fencing that allows the parents to set boundaries in which their children should remain and not cross them. If they do happen to cross the boundary the parents/owners of the vehicle receive a push notification and alert that the vehicle has crossed the geo-fenced area. This allows parents to take swift action

Key features of Car Trackers

TrackerExperts has many features to offer in the city of Sialkot if you want to review the full list then visit this link. For now, we will be looking at some of them which are mentioned below:

24/7 Control Room Monitoring:

TrackerExperts has a team of professionals monitoring your vehicle 24/7 from their control room. This ensures the safety of the vehicle and if the team notices anything they send a push notification to the owner’s phone. Continuous monitoring of the vehicles allows the owners to have peace of mind. This also ensures that in case of any break-in or accident, the 24/7 control room team will respond to the threats quickly and alert the emergency services as quickly as possible.  

Real-time Tracking

Real-time tracking of the vehicle provides owners with the opportunity to remotely access the location of their vehicle. Along with that being able to access the location also allows the owners to choose less congested roads and avoid traffic jams. The other excellence of this feature is that it can even help optimize fuel consumption by choosing a route that is less congested. In the case of fleet management, this allows the fleet owners to review the driver’s behavior and ensure that they are choosing quick routes rather than ones that make the distance longer.

Nationwide Tracking

This feature is the best for fleet managers as it allows them to monitor their vehicles across the country. Even in personal use, it’s best to have nationwide monitoring available at all times. Ensuring that the best routes are chosen when traveling from one city to the other. Nationwide location and movement monitoring helps provide safety and peace of mind to the owners and the fleet managers, knowing that the vehicles are being tracked by the best car tracking service.

Web Access Portal:

Portals accessible by web and internet allow the owners to track their vehicles from anywhere at all. Any device that is connected to the web will be able to have access to the app. The TrackerExperts have made sure to provide the app in Android and iOS to ensure that everyone has access to the app that will provide them real-time information about the vehicles.

Mobile App iOS & Android

As mentioned above having access to the app that monitors your vehicles is very important for all users some people use Android phones and some people use OS. Hence TrackerExperts was cautious about launching an app that will provide them with access to their vehicles and all of the users of all kinds of phones can access their vehicle’s car tracker monitoring system.

Different uses of Car Trackers in Sialkot

As mentioned above Sialkot produces sports goods, surgical instruments, and leather products, also Sialkot is growing rapidly in population as well. This means that there are two sectors that can be targeted by the TrackerExperts and they are fleet management companies like freight management or commercial such as taxis or transportation providing companies. Second is the personal usage sector where parents want installation in their vehicles to keep their property safe.

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