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Peshawar is the city of flowers. It has a rich cultural impact on the region, its beautiful tapestry stands out and makes it one of the most lovable cities in the country. It has become an educational, trade, and cultural hub for the people of Pakistan. All of these aspects make it an attractive place to visit for people all over Pakistan. Also, its food is a unique mixture of culture and tradition.

However, amongst all these lovable things about Peshawar, the growing crime rate and the growth of the population is a problem. With more and more vehicles entering Peshawar, there is a severe need for vehicle security. Thanks to the advancement of technology, we now can say that your vehicles will remain safe in Peshawar if you have TrackerExperts car trackers in Peshawar installed. TrackerExperts intends to make the whole country a safe place for vehicles and end vehicular thefts.

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Why Car Trackers Are Essential In Peshawar?

There are many reasons as to why it’s important to have TrackerExperts car trackers in Peshawar installed in your vehicles. However, to save you some time we will list a few and hope that you will understand the importance of car trackers in Peshawar:

Theft Prevention and Recovery:

Due to the high crime rate in this region, it is important to ensure your safety with the best car trackers. Vehicular theft is very common in this region hence it’s important to equip your vehicles with good car tracking facilities. It has been observed that the vehicles that have car trackers installed are often not stolen by thieves hence it helps in theft prevention. Car trackers come with real-time location and movement monitoring systems hence it’s easy to locate the vehicle after theft.

Emergency Assistance:

Peshawar is a big city and being this big some of its parts are slightly remote with no access. However, vehicles equipped with car trackers are very easy to locate due to real-time tracking of location and movement. Also, if the vehicle breaks down or meets an accident in a remote area, real-time tracking is a lot of help for not only the owners but the emergency assistance providers as well.  

Route Optimization and fuel optimization:

Peshawar is a busy city with congested roads and high-traffic areas that are hard to maneuver and can cause a lot of fuel wastage. Car trackers provide real-time location and navigation services to ensure that you choose a less busy route to your destination. Choosing a less busy route will automatically make it more fuel-efficient. Fuel optimization is very important in the case of fleets of vehicles, hence fleet managers are always looking to find better routes to minimize fuel wastage and car trackers help a lot in optimizing fuel consumption.  

Personal safety and parental control:

Most people in Peshawar have vehicles and since this region has a high crime rate especially vehicular crime rate is high then it’s best to have the car trackers installed in your vehicle. Owners who get the car trackers installed in personal use vehicles can also benefit from it in monitoring their children’s driving behavior and road manners. It will add an extra layer of safety when you hand over the vehicle to your child, you will be able to track their location and movement.

Key features of Car Trackers

TrackerExperts has many features to offer if you want to see the full extent of the services and features it has click on this link. Mentioned below are a few of those features:

3 years of Video Playback History

The purpose of having video playback history is to identify incidents and instances when the driver’s behavior of a bit off. Hence Car trackers in Peshawar offer 3 years of video history playback option to prevent any accidents. It’s also helpful in case of an accident to have video evidence on hand.

3 years of Running Report

Running reports from TrackerExperts Car trackers in Peshawar include details of ignition on and off as well as, start and stop, duration of travel, and distance covered. This data is very helpful in both fleet management as well as personal usage. Since it details the usage of the vehicle it helps the owners and the fleet managers to take note of the wear and tear of the vehicle and schedule timely maintenance effectively.

3 years of Milage Report

A mileage report is a report that is generated based on the 3 years of usage of the vehicle. The mileage shows the number of hours and miles covered by the vehicle. It also depicts the fuel consumption, wear and tear, and maintenance requirements. This helps the owners or fleet managers schedule maintenance and adjust fuel claims according to the mileage.

3 years of Trip Report

Trip reports are the reports generated after every single trip. This helps fleet managers a lot in analyzing driver behavior. From start and stop to, miles covered, duration of the trip routes taken, and fuel consumption. These factors if known to the owners and fleet managers can help in optimizing all of the above-mentioned issues and create a better route plan that optimizes fuel consumption and overall timely arrival at the desired destination.

3 years of Park Report

A parking report is a report that details the parking of the vehicles and the idle times. This helps fleet managers make sure that the vehicle is not idle for long periods of time and that the parking regulations are being met by the drivers. It also provides details about the duration and the location of the parking; this information helps the owners and fleet managers assess the route planning and location where the vehicle was meant to be.

Different uses of Car Trackers in Peshawar

Car trackers have many purposes such as better fuel management for the entire fleet of vehicles. Location tracking for personal vehicles. Offering parents an additional layer of satisfaction knowing that their children are in safe hands. Live tracking and real-time movement and location services make it extremely useful for both personal use and fleet managers.

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