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How Do Police Track A Stolen Car?

how do police track a stolen car

Vehicle theft is one of the most common crimes committed throughout the world. It is not only a loss that the owner has to bear, but also the insurer has to take the financial hit. According to a survey, almost 0.8-0.85 million vehicles are stolen yearly. Thieves tend to steal older models more than newer ones because they do not contain inbuilt trackers.

Filing a police case and processing it is a difficult and complex process that one has to go through. However, this article will list all you have to know before reporting a case of car theft.

How Do Police Track A Stolen Car?

What can you do?

The car theft can be reported by either the owner or a third person that witnesses the whole scenario. You need to report the theft immediately to ensure that the police can take action as early as possible.

The filing of a case includes the preparation and arrangement of paperwork to speed up the process. The next thing to do is to file a claim with the insurance company. You would need the policy number, chassis number, and other credentials.

What do the police do?

The police officers will demand pictures of your car or the CCTV footage from the crime scene. They will ask for the vehicle identification number for a more detailed investigation. If a third person reports the theft, the department will track the owner and even ask the manufacturer about the person who has purchased the vehicle. They will inform other agencies to gather information. 

If the vehicle has a car tracker connected, the police officers can solve the case quicker. Once they catch the stolen car, the driver will be charged with possessing the stolen asset. Moreover, a fine is imposed on the driver, and imprisonment is at the judge’s discretion. The vehicle will be returned to you after completing all necessary documents. 

What if the police fail?

The police contact the owner when a third person reports the incident. If the owner contacts and initiates the case by himself, the police will ensure that they communicate every single update regarding the theft. If there is no progress related to the case, the police department informs the general public and puts it as a cold case.

The department might refer you to a private detective who will put in all his efforts in the case and charge a nominal fee. When a car is recovered (in incidents reported by a third party), and the department fails to find the owner, the vehicle is auctioned.

Chances of getting your car back

Getting your car back is probable in most parts of the US. The overall recoverability percentage is 68, and the delivery trucks have the highest rate of 81%. Passenger vehicles have the lowest recovery rate of 63%. The recoverability ratio depends entirely on the safety features installed inside the car or the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies. 

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