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How to find a tracker on the car?

How to find a tracker on the car

GPS trackers can be hard to find in a vehicle, especially when someone else has installed them. You might own your car, but the electric connections and small compartments are usually the most unexplored components.

However, if you doubt a car tracker is installed inside your vehicle, you do not have to learn much about the wirings and connections. The tracker detection techniques are simple, and the most effective methods are as under. 

How to find a tracker on the car?


The GPS detector is available on the internet and is a reliable detection method. GPS trackers use radio or electromagnetic waves to transmit your location to the satellite from where the data is sent to the receiver, which is connected to the tracking device. GPS tracker detectors trace the signals transmitted from your car.

These detectors buzz or vibrate when the signals are detected. This method is the most effective for finding hidden GPS trackers. However, you must know that specific advanced tracking devices turn off in a few minutes when the car stops. This means that you have to be quick with the detection process.

The manual exterior search

GPS trackers can be connected to your car’s exterior or body. The most common places where you would find these devices are either the rooftop, wheel wells, or the base. It would be best if you had a torch and a concave mirror to help you with this exercise.

You can use the torch to examine the readily accessible parts like the roof and wheel wells. The bottom of the car cannot be examined easily, so you must use a concave mirror to help you with this. Security agencies use these mirrors to detect explosives fixed below the cars. 

The manual interior search

The interior is often harder to scan when compared to the exterior. The interior has a lot of room to hide the tracker because there is a lot of wiring available to connect a tracker to any place he wants. The most obvious place where a tracker usually is connected is the dashboard.

Besides this, the area below the driver is also an ideal place to hide a GPS tracker. The storage compartments near the gear have a high probability of containing a tracker. You can use a torch to inspect all the parts we have named.

The most effective way of finding a tracker connected to the interior is to check for wires of unusual thickness and color. Another thing that you can rely on while searching for a GPS tracker is searching for electric tapes. The electric wiring map provided by the manufacturer serves as a helpful guideline for exploring the places where a tracker can be connected.


After searching for a GPS tracker by the methods mentioned above, you can hire a security expert or an agency if you do not find it. These experts might charge you more than purchasing a detector, but the services will be satisfactory.