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How to remove a GPS from a car?

How to remove a GPS from a car

If your mechanic has installed a GPS tracker in your car and wants to get rid of it, this article is precisely the information you need. The car trackers are external devices that are either hardwired to your car or attached to it externally. The detachment or disconnection process is simple, so you will not require an expert. We have detailed each step to inform you about the removal procedure. 

How to remove a GPS from a car?

Tracking the GPS tracker

Removing a GPS is a later exercise to perform. The first thing is to detect where the tracker is attached. Usually, this problem arises when you suspect someone has installed a GPS device inside your vehicle because you do not know the exact location. The detection process might differ according to your preference, but you can opt for one of these methods.

The GPS tracker detectors – the GPS tracker detectors or electric sweepers are efficient in finding GPS devices. They catch the radio signals from a device and vibrate to notify the user regarding detection.

Manual search – manual search is laborious, but it is more reliable than using an electronic detection device. You need to check the dashboard first and then the storage compartments. Search for any inconsistent wire thickness or color. Another useful indicator is electric tape. 

Mirrors – mirrors are the best for finding trackers underneath the car. There are places under your car that you cannot access or monitor regularly. Mirrors work great with detecting those areas.

Expert – you can hire an expert to detect and remove a tracker from your car. This would cost you more, but you can rely on it with your eyes closed.

Identifying the tracker

Identifying a tracker is usually a simple step to perform. Look for a small device connected to your car’s live or ignition wire. There are ideally two or three connections of wires. GPS trackers are electronic devices, so you might see the light blinking. Other than this, some tracker devices are wireless. These wireless are either placed or connected to the body of your car with a magnetic connection. These devices are easier to detect. 

Removing the tracker

The removal process seems trickier, but it is simple if you perform the steps correctly. After identifying a GPS tracker, you need to remove the tape. Once the tracker is set free, undo the electric connection with the help of a cutter or a tweezer (whichever feels more suitable). When the device is removed, make sure that you cover the wire with electrical tape. However, we suggest performing these steps cautiously because damaging the primary wire will disable the dashboard. 

Seeking professional service

If you have any problem performing the steps mentioned above, you should try seeking services from a technician. It is always better to spend a few more dollars instead of messing up the electric circuit of your car. Professional services are mandatory if the vehicle under consideration is a delivery truck or other business-related vehicle.