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Top 10 Tracker Companies in Pakistan

top 10 tracker companies in pakistan

Dive into the future of vehicle tracking and fleet management with our recommendation of 11 cost-effective GPS tracking solutions for Pakistani businesses. With these tracking solutions, you can ensure the safety of your vehicle or fleet from misuse or theft. Topped up with an extensive list of services, these companies offer fuel monitoring, theft alarms, driver monitoring, and much more. You can rest assured that your vehicle or fleet is under the surveillance of a trustworthy and resourceful firm.

Top 10 Tracker Companies in Pakistan


TrackerExperts is one of the most inventive and cost-effective vehicle tracking services out there. Their mission is to secure your vehicle with seamless and robust connections, showcase enhanced benefits, and prevent unauthorized access. They provide complete solutions for GPS tracking and Fleet management. Their software and hardware are the most advanced and effective and can track the location of your vehicle up to 2.5 meters. Their services include weight temperature and fuel monitoring, and the user can generate daily, weekly, or monthly reports.


AlphaTrack is a groundbreaking GPS tracking solution built to take care of the demands of individuals and corporations. It offers unlimited options at the most inexpensive cost. Their software can track multiple objects across the country and pinpoint their location with flawless precision right down to minute details like the street names. They offer web and application-based services. With AlphaTrack, you can track the location of your vehicles in real-time, and you get notified about the occurrences that need your immediate attention. It has an automated system that can generate reports regularly.

Tracker Zone

Tracker Zone is a web and application-based GPS tracking service in Pakistan that provides a full end-to-end solution with their services, including battery-tempering information, making a geofence with either an SMS or call, and complete control over the ignition and speed. The company also claims to have 24/7 customer support. Tracker Zone provides services all over the country, including cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, and many more.


Ctrack is a state-of-the-art GPS tracking solution. They offer a wide variety of GPS tracking facilities. They have a web and application-based service available on both Android and IOS. They offer 24/7 monitoring of your vehicle to ensure the highest possible degree of transparency and security. They also provide technical support and assistance in case of vehicle theft. Ctrack offers crucial alerts when the driver of your vehicle is over-speeding, when the vehicle needs maintenance, and when a burglar tries to use a jammer.


SignTrack is an effective and innovative web and application-based GPS tracking service with a fully automated end-to-end solution that provides real-time vehicle monitoring. SignTrack has built a powerful and resourceful system that exchanges information with the installed hardware in your vehicle without any delays. They claim to have the best possible hardware installed in your vehicles, which transfers information with great accuracy and precision. SignTrack also boldly claims to have its recovery team rank among the best in the business. offers a potent and cutting-edge GPS tracking service through web and app platforms, boasting a seamlessly automated end-to-end solution since 2004. Being one of the best GPS tracking services providers, they have partnered with Iridium Communications and are now an Iridium VAR (value-added reseller). Their list of services includes Fuel monitoring systems, multiple asset real-time monitoring, fuel theft alerts, vehicle malfunctioning alerts, driver vigilance monitoring, performance monitoring, and fuel usage reports. Therefore, is a complete system that caters to all your vehicle tracking needs.


TrackingHub is a vehicle tracking and fleet management service. They allow their users to track their vehicle’s real-time location. They also provide geofence features, jamming detection, security activation/deactivation, engine kill, and speed monitoring. TrackingHub also partners with Teltonika, a world-renowned telematics solutions provider. TrackingHub is an advanced fleet management system that offers many more features and is much more resourceful than other vehicle tracking services and fleet management systems. Their services are available nationwide and their team of experienced engineers works tirelessly to provide you with the most efficient and seamless tracking and fleet management services.

Tracking Services

Tracking Services is a distinguished and budget-friendly GPS and Fleet management services provider. Their customer-oriented services target individuals, leasing clients, and insurance companies with impeccable vehicle safety solution services. Their services are backed up by up-to-date and advanced hardware paired with high-quality and reliable software, making it an unbeatable combo. Their seasoned professional technicians and engineers are closely monitoring your vehicles and Fleets for top-notch security. They offer nationwide 24/7 vehicle monitoring, immobilization in case of theft, battery tamper alerts and an anti-jamming system


I-track is one of the new arrivals in the GPS tracking services industry, but they deliver exemplary services. Their satellite-based system, supported by exclusive software, sets them apart from numerous similar services. Their services include real-time vehicle monitoring, driver performance monitoring, speed alerts, harsh braking alerts, fuel monitoring, and much more

Secure Track

Secure Logistics is the parent company of Secure Track. Secure Track is a fleet management and vehicle tracking company whose main motive is fleet efficiency and the security of your assets. They offer international standard hardware and software with multiple technical solutions that are compatible with multiple brands/types of tracking software. The real-time location of the  fleet or vehicle is shared with the user all the time without any delay

Cyber Track

Cyber Track is a one-stop solution for all your vehicle tracking and security concerns. With the help of GSM and GPS, the company monitors the location of your fleet or vehicle in real-time. The vehicle could be moving or idle their state-of-the-art tracking facilities can track its location with high precision.


In a nutshell, these are some of the most effective cost-tracking solutions. They contain an information management system that can generate reports from real-time data or stored data and present them in an organized and comprehensive way that the user can print out later. The user can obtain information about the location of the fleet or vehicle on their cell phone and can communicate with the driver in the tracker-fitted vehicle

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